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About Canine Bowen and Testimonials

The Canine Bowen Technique

(The Bowen Technique for Dogs)

The Canine Bowen Technique is a gentle light touch therapy for dogs. It is a non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that may help pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing.
It is based on the principles of a successful human modality - the Bowen Technique - which was developed by Tom Bowen, in Australia in the 1950’s, and brought to the UK in the early 1990’s.
Its adaptation in the UK for use on dogs was started in 2001 by Bowen therapists Sally and Ron Askew, who started on their own dogs, and then, with the cooperation and support of their local vets, integrated their findings into their canine behavioural and rehabilitation work with great success.

Important Notes
Canine Bowen Technique is not a substitute for proper veterinary care, and should be used in conjunction with orthodox veterinary treatment. It is only available on veterinary referral.

Canine Bowen Technique therapists do not diagnose (we leave that to the experts in the veterinary profession who have the proper training and qualifications to do so.

Under no circumstances will Canine Bowen Technique therapists prescribe medication or alter any medication already prescribed for the dog.

As a Canine Bowen Practitioner we are trained to observe and support the dog with it’s own interests in mind. We do not force anything onto a dog who will, through their own body language indicate when the therapy stops.

Prior to any Bowen session you must obtain a referral from your veterinarian. On the first session this will mainly involve a full consultation of dogs back ground, observation and allowing the dog to be calm around me. Once this has been established then I will proceed, often the first hands on Bowen session can be very short.

In my experience I have had two wonderful results with hindleg paralysis through prolapsed discs as previously diagnosed by a Veterinarian.

Whalley: 11 year old Dachsund, his owner contacted me as the vet due to his age would not operate and advised that he should be put to sleep. His owner obtained veterinary referral and when I first saw Whalley he presented with no sign of deep pain and paralysis to his hind legs. After four treatments and cage rest Whalley improved and during one treatment he literally flipped up onto his hind legs and stood. The fifth treatment he greeted me at the door. Sadly his owner wrote in her Christmas card Whalley had suffered a haemorrhage was put to sleep on the 4th December. She wrote thank you Wendy I will always be grateful for those quality years you gave Whalley through Bowen. Whalley was 16 and half years old and had remained active until then.

Jake: A 6 year old Dalmation. Jake suffered a prolapsed disc and his owner was not insured and could not afford the operation, she was told the other option was for him to be put to sleep. Sue took him to four different Vets to obtain a referral for me to treat (thank you Medivet). Jake presented much the same as Whalley only there was evidence that he was in a lot more pain and discomfort. Infact when I first saw him, his owner had told me that he had not been able to lie down and he was sat supporting himself with his forelimbs with his legs straddled under him. Within half an hour of administering the stoppers Jake was on his side relaxed and comfortable, and that pained expression had gone from his face. With follow up treatments it was amazing and interestingly recovered in much the same time span as Whalley. Jake continues to enjoy an active life.

Wendy's love of dogs shines through during her treatments and I truly believe that Jake would not be with me now were it not for her care and knowledge. Four vets had told me to put him down when he became paralysed in his back legs. After just three treatments from Wendy, Jake got up and ran into the garden!!! I shall always be grateful - not to mention amazed - that Wendy came into his life.
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